Why is Drunk Driving So Common?

Even though drunk driving is dangerous, people are charged every day with this offense. In New Mexico, it’s illegal to drive with a breath or blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or more. The limit for drivers under 21 is 0.02 and 0.04 for commercial vehicle drivers.

But why would someone drive under the influence of alcohol, knowing its potential consequences? Here are three common reasons.

Unaware of how impaired they are

Most drunk drivers are not aware they are too impaired to drive. They may believe they are not that drunk, especially when they only had a few drinks. However, once alcohol is absorbed, they may experience impaired judgment, poor eye and muscle coordination and low concentration in the middle of the road. And these effects are expected to worsen when more alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream and gets into the brain.

A driver experiencing these effects will have slow reaction times, won’t see other cars clearly and can fall asleep behind the wheel, increasing their chances of causing an accident.

Feeling confident

Alcohol has been associated with removing inhibitions. When someone drinks, they can be confident to do things they normally can’t. This also applies to drivers. A drunk driver may be confident to drive themselves home or to their next destination, and while on the road, they may be courageous to do dangerous behaviors, putting other road users at risk.

Avoiding embarrassment

Some people, especially young individuals, are embarrassed about being drunk or losing control after a few drinks. Being unable to drive after drinks may be viewed as admitting a loss of control. Thus, one may choose to drive to evade embarrassment.No one should drive when they are drunk. If you are injured in a drunk driving accident, consider your options to protect your rights.