Sutten Law Group Resources

At Sutten Law Group, LLC, we understand the complexities and challenges of dealing with personal injuries, such as animal bites, bed bugs, and motor vehicle accidents. To assist you, we have curated a selection of valuable online resources. These guides offer crucial information to help you navigate these difficult situations, understand your rights, and seek the compensation you deserve. Explore these resources to learn more about the necessary steps to take following an injury and how to protect yourself effectively.

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Motor Vehicle Accidents Resources

At Sutten Law Group, LLC in Albuquerque, we advocate for motor vehicle accident victims. We understand how crucial compensation is for moving forward. A car crash can be disorienting, but seeking justice doesn't have to be. You’ll find essential resources to navigate the days and weeks following an accident here.

Animal Bites Resources

In an instant, a family pet can turn on those around it and launch a vicious attack, leaving victims, especially children, with physical and emotional scars that can last a lifetime. They may no longer trust animals and even develop anxiety disorders. The expenses to recover physically and emotionally can quickly inflate. We know the burden victims carry, and we want to do our part to relieve that burden. Attorney Richard Sutten helps dog bite victims across New Mexico find answers and build their cases. Find more specific resources below!

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Bed Bug Bites Resources

We are not only dedicated advocates for motor vehicle accident victims but also committed to providing essential resources for other challenging situations. One such issue is encountering bed bugs while traveling. Bed bugs are small, reddish-brown insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals, often found in places where people sleep, such as homes, hotels, and dormitories. They can hide in mattresses, bed frames, furniture, and other areas close to where people rest. To help you navigate this troubling experience, we have prepared a comprehensive guide on what to do if you encounter bed bugs while traveling. Click below to learn more and ensure your rights and well-being are protected.