Why Do Wrong-Way Accidents Occur?

Car accidents should never occur if drivers adhere to road rules and avoid mistakes. However, the majority of accidents are caused by human error. Although some accidents seem highly improbable, such as wrong-way incidents on the interstate, they still happen.

The existence of control systems to regulate interstate entry and exit points should prevent drivers from heading in the wrong direction and causing head-on collisions. So, why do these accidents occur? The primary reason for wrong-way accidents is impairment. While individual cases may involve various factors, impairment is consistently identified as the main cause. Typically, the impaired driver is under the influence of excessive alcohol consumption. However, impairment can also result from recreational or legal use of prescription medications, as well as the use of legal drugs like marijuana.

Regardless of the specific impairment, an impaired driver is significantly more prone to making the kind of mistake that leads to driving in the wrong direction on the interstate. If you have been injured by such a driver, it is crucial to understand your legal options. You may be eligible to pursue compensation for medical expenses and other related costs.