Traumatic Brain Injury Can Make You Vulnerable to Criminals

Suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can dramatically affect your ability to take care of yourself. Among other things, your symptoms can leave you prone to headaches, sensitivity to light and nausea, which can make life difficult enough.

Then there are the even more severe cases in which the patient has cognitive issues. Problems with memory, concentration, reasoning and problem-solving can make it impossible to earn an income or live independently. Instead, you might rely on your spouse and other loved ones to help you with day-to-day tasks and pay the bills. For this reason, money is tight for many households with a member with a major TBI.

Vulnerable to scammer tactics

So it is especially sad when someone takes advantage of a person with a brain injury to scam them. But it’s all too common, according to a news report. Scam artists who pose as bank representatives, IT support and so on to trick people into giving them money can pose a real problem for someone with cognitive deficits from a brain injury. These scammers know how to confuse and manipulate people by talking very fast and creating a false sense of urgency. Someone who has trouble speaking clearly or thinking quickly can be vulnerable to these tactics.

Compensation for brain trauma caused by negligence

Nobody deserves to be scammed. But it’s especially unfortunate for TBI patients, who need all the financial resources they can get. This can include compensation from a personal injury lawsuit if the victim’s injury resulted from someone else’s negligence. Getting fairly compensated can be complicated, but made easier with an attorney’s help.