Tailgating is Often Due to Some External Pressure

Some tailgaters are oblivious to what they’re doing and they are just tailgating accidentally. Others tailgate because they always drive quickly and they consistently tailgate other drivers who don’t do the same thing. It’s just a pattern of behavior with them.

But you will often find that drivers who tailgate have external pressure on them. This has led to a higher level of stress than they would ordinarily be facing. They begin tailgating as a result of this outside pressure.

How this may happen

Part of the issue is that Americans are very centered around schedules and clocks. Other cultures do not pay nearly as much attention to this, but it’s very important in a capitalistic, western world.

For example, imagine that someone sleeps through their alarm. They wake up late and jump in their car. They know that they just barely have time to get to work if they break the speed limit. They may also know that there could be ramifications at work if they don’t get there on time, such as being docked pay or written up.

Now, as soon as they get behind a slower driver, they may become incredibly frustrated. They begin blaming that driver for the fact that they are going to be late. It’s not the other driver’s fault at all, but the late driver will often tailgate or even engage in road rage because the outside stress of their schedule is pushing them over the edge.

Have you been injured in an accident?

Unfortunately, tailgating is very dangerous and very common. Those who have suffered injuries in accidents caused by tailgaters need to know how to seek financial compensation.