Listening to the GPS Can Cause an Accident

Many people use a GPS whenever they drive. In the modern era, most cars have a GPS unit built into the dashboard. Even those that don’t likely have drivers with cellphones, which also have GPS apps. A phone can quickly be connected to the car’s internal systems via Bluetooth.

GPS has largely replaced paper maps because they are vastly more convenient and accurate. They also update if someone misses a turn, so it makes it easier to navigate unfamiliar roads. But that doesn’t mean that they are without their own problems, and the truth is that a GPS could cause an accident.

Outdated maps

One way that this happens is when the GPS hasn’t been updated properly and all the maps are outdated. For instance, a driver could be told to turn down a road that no longer exists. In cases like this, the actual crash is usually caused by the driver getting confused, so it still certainly counts as a human error. But their confusion stems from the fact that they have an outdated GPS.

Late reactions

Additionally, many drivers will blindly follow the GPS without really thinking about what they’re doing, often reacting far too late. For instance, they may get a voice notification that they need to take the next exit and then suddenly cut across three lanes of traffic in order to make it. This is highly dangerous, but drivers will frantically try not to miss the exit so they don’t have to go out of their way.As noted, though, this is also just an example of a driver error and doesn’t necessarily blame the GPS. If someone else has made this type of mistake and injured you in an accident, you need to know how to seek financial compensation.