Is a Wrongful Death Worthwhile When the Deceased Didn’t Work?

Wrongful death claims are a type of personal injury lawsuit that people can bring against individuals or businesses when someone dies tragically. Wrongful death lawsuits can reduce the financial harm and unexpected loss caused for surviving family members and can also create financial penalties for those who break the law or are negligent.

Failing to behave in a safe and appropriate manner or putting a company’s profit margin ahead of public safety could lead to wrongful death lawsuits under New Mexico state law. The personal representative of the deceased’s estate, in pursuit of justice, will frequently try to seek as much compensation as possible from the party that caused their death. They can then distribute the proceeds of their lawsuit among the surviving family members.

Often, one of the most significant contributors to the value of a wrongful death claim will be the future wages that a deceased individual cannot earn. If someone didn’t have a job at the time of their death, does that mean it won’t be worth pursuing a wrongful death claim?

There are other losses that make claims worthwhile

The financial consequences of losing a family member don’t just involve losing out on their future paychecks. It can cost thousands of dollars to put on a funeral for someone who dies, and they may have undergone medical care before they passed. These expenses can be part of a wrongful death claim.

There is also the work that they do around the house. Stay-at-home parents, for example, could provide over thousands of dollars worth of free work for the family every month. A wrongful death claim can also include compensation for the suffering the deceased person experienced before they died and the emotional distress of the surviving family members over losing a loved one. Finally, family members can claim the loss of someone’s guidance and counseling. Those who are unsure about what amount of compensation would be appropriate to request may need to sit down and discuss the situation with a professional to ensure they address every potential loss. Filing a wrongful death claim can give your family a sense of closure and some compensate them because of the practical implications of a recent tragedy.