3 Common Car Wreck Injuries That Can Damage Your Future

Car wrecks can lead to serious injuries that can dramatically impact a person’s future. The severity and type of injuries that occur vary greatly. 

Knowing some of the more common injuries might help you to determine if there’s anything amiss after the crash. Besides bruising and lacerations, these are also injuries that are common in wrecks.

1. Brain injuries

Brain injuries can occur in a car crash, but you might not realize that it happened. It can take days for you to notice the symptoms. You don’t need to have a direct hit on your head to end up with a brain injury. Instead, the force of the impact can cause the head to fling, which may result in the brain slamming against the skull.

2. Spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries can cause paralysis, but some victims of this type of injury don’t have that symptom. Back pain, weakness and tingling are all signs of a spinal cord injury. These are usually evident on the scene of the crash and require immediate medical attention. 

3. Broken bones

Broken bones are possible due to the force of the crash. While it’s not a broken bone, it’s also possible to dislocate a major joint. Fractured bones and dislocation can lead to severe chronic pain. These require medical care and will likely result in limited abilities until they heal – and maybe after.Make sure you seek compensation for the financial damages of the car crash as quickly as possible. New Mexico law limits how much time you have to do this. Work with someone who understands these matters so you can get things moving efficiently.